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"Hey Rod.....

Updated: May 31, 2020

"Hey Rod...... series will be starting June 1 on Facebook, Twitter and on the Blog in After a massive terrorist attack on North America, Rod gathered his family and headed to the Rockies, taking over a government campground. Here they established a new home. Over time they selected who could stay and who couldn't live amoungst them in their new environment. Rod had to kill his first person here, (first of many) as they defended what was theirs. Rod was the driving force, the organizer, the person everyone came to for advice and direction. This is the Rod that will be answering questions five days a week, on survival, gathering, prepping and sometimes.....just common sense. Follow us, engage with comments, suggestions, feedback, or send in articles or photo's we can use. Enter your name and email address for a weekly prize given out to one of our lucky followers.

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#21"Hey Rod.....

“Hey wife gave me the what for yesterday for throwing my apple peeling and core away. With all the chemicals they use now, I don't like to eat the peeling and what the heck is with the co

#20 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod........someone told me that you can eat egg shells and that they are actually good for you. Any truth to this?” “Hell yeah, egg shells are loaded with calcium, protein along with other minera


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