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Back Packs

Here is where you will find answers related to Back Packs. We've searched the internet to find the top questions asked about back packs. We hope this helps you find the right back pack for your needs.

What's the best size back pack?

A lot of that depends on what you need the back pack for. If your just going to be on overnight trips, (maybe a 24 liter size) you won't need a back pack as big as one you'd need for going on three or four day excursions (maybe a 40 - 50 liter size). You have to remember that you should not be packing more than 20% of your body weight, unless you're trained for it. Example; if you weigh 175 lbs, your pack should not be over 35 lbs. if you're in shape to do so. If not, start small and work your way up to what you can safely pack.

What's the best one for my back?

You want a back pack that not only rides on your shoulders (padded straps) but also has support at your hips, so that the weight is evenly distributed over your back, this is done with the help from a hip belt. You want the hip belt sitting just above your hip bones.

Depending on your shape, for example, if you have a big belly, the weight will be put more on your lower back because of the out of balance your body is in. In a case like this, you'd want to pack heavier up top and lighter down lower, but in moderation.

If your pack is too heavy, you tend to lean forward as you're walking and in time this will affect your shoulders, spine and neck.

What is a water resistant back pack?

A water resistant back pack is one that has been treated with some kind of chemical. Water resistant and water proof are not the same. Something that is water resistant will keep your pack dry in a shower or light rain. To have something water proof, you need to find the wording 'water repellent' or 'water proof'. For most back packs, you will need to buy an extra 'water proof cover', although some come with one.

What is MOLLE on a back pack?

MOLLE is a system for adding extra equipment to a back pack. You will find PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) on the military style back packs. They are essentially straps that are sown to the back pack. MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) are a type of modular gear that attaches via this PALS webbing. Some of these are pouches that will hold a flashlight, knife, water bottle or some kind of ammo. 

Can a back pack double as a plane carry-on?

The answer is yes. Some back pack even have a zippered cover that will hide the shoulder straps and make it look more like a small duffel bag with a side handle. If you keep the size 40 liters and lower, it will fit in an overhead compartment.

What's the best backpack out there?

The best backpack is the one that you like the best. There are so many makes and model to chose from, that it would depend on what application you're looking for. Is it to go to school with, go hiking, go camping, go to the office, go mountain climbing or just use as a bug out bag. Are you looking for less weight, Velcro or zipper closure, big, small, water proof, water bladder, etc., etc. Find one that works for your needs. Read the reviews and see what people say about each one. Don't take the word of just a few people, they may not even have one. Look at reviews of at least 100 people or more to get a true evaluation of the product. Do your due diligence and you should come away with a good backpack that suits YOU.   

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