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Simple Garden Plans



This is a pretty easy simple-garden to build. If you have any scrape lumber or for that matter, you could even build this out of logs, either one big log high enough or two or three stacked. If you use logs, you may have to line it with some kind of fabric to help hold the dirt in. For our project were going to presume that you have some lumber kicking around.

For the sides, you can use 2 X 10's or a couple of 2 X 6's stacked on top of one of the other. You want to build the box about four feet square. If you want it raised off of the ground, you'll have to put a floor under it, if not, then leave it the way it is and place the box on the ground. A raised garden is a lot easier to water and weed, but then your climbing plants will be a lot higher and probably get out of reach, plus you'll have to build a floor strong enough to hold your soil and plants.

At the back you'll build the frame work out of 2 X 4's or 2 X 2's, what ever you have. Make the uprights 6 feet tall for the climbing plants, add some twine or wire for them to climb up. You can even strengthen the back by adding a couple of bracing's, from the top of the uprights to the front of the box. This will add some stability to your simple garden.

This garden concept is easy enough to build that you could have several of them spaced around your place. If you were to space the planting apart by a week or so apart, they wouldn't get ripe all at the same time and you could enjoy garden fresh vegetables, for a longer period of time.

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