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Four-Person Tent Reviews

We're reviewing five Four Person Tents because we feel that if your going to pack a tent to the bush, it might as well have enough room to stay in, even if there is only one or two of you. This way there is room to put extra stuff in the tent instead of leaving it outside to get wet in case it rains or snows. Also, if you want to set up a cot, there's room to set up two of them in these tents.  Some of these tents do not come with a fly (to keep the rain out), I always carry a couple of tarps when I go tenting, one over the tent and one over the portable table, to eat in the shade or out of the rain. These are all dome tents and are made of polyester with some nylon in order to keep the weight down to a minimum. These all have a floor and inside storage pockets. These tents are great for the hiker or the occasional camper.  If you're going to be out there for a long period of time, then get a good canvas tent and get set up properly, you'll thank me later. Click on the picture or the underlined brand name, this will take you to Amazon for more information.

 Coleman Sundome Tent


The Coleman Tent received a 4.7 rating out of over 7200 reviews on Amazon. You can find it here at this link:

This tent sleep four people, has a floor and a fly to keep you dry. 

The Coleman Sundome only takes about 10 minutes to set with only two fibreglass poles to run through.

The size is 9 ft x 7 ft with a height of 59" in the centre and it weighs roughly 11 pounds.

Coleman Instant Tent


The Coleman Instant Tent got a 4.4 rating out of over 5500 reviews. You can find this tent here on Amazon:

This 4 person tent is 8 ft x 7 ft with a 58" centre and weighs roughly 18 lbs.

The Coleman Instant Tent is just that, an instant tent, can be set up in less than two minutes. The poles are all attached and pop right up. This one does not come with a fly, but does come with a carrying case.

This model is called a Dark Room, keeping 90% of the heat out. 

This is the heaviest, but the fastest to set up of all of these tents.



The GEERTOP received a 4.3 rating out of more than 200 reviews. You can find this tent on Amazon with this link:

The tent has just two poles for setting up and the seams are double stitched for added strength and durability. The weight is roughly 9 lbs, and comes with a carry bag.

The GEERTOP has two entrances and two windows for very good ventilation on those hot days. It also comes in two colors, Yellow or Army Green. This tent had the lowest rating of the five four man tents that we reviewed.

Alps Mountaineering Tent


The Alps Mountaineering Tent received a 4.6 out of over 670 reviews. you can find this tent on Amazon at this link:

This tent has 63.75 sq. ft. in floor area (7.5' x 8.5') and is 52"high in the centre. It weighs in just under 9 lbs. and comes with a fly.

The Alps Mountaineer is a two pole (aluminum) set up with two doors and two vestibules. It also comes in two colors, grey/navy & orange/brown.

It has windows on just two sides and comes with a carrying bag.

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent


The Teton Sports Tent received a 4.5 out of over 670 reviews. It can found on Amazon following this link:

This tent is all mesh for a wonderful view of the night sky without the fly. The surprising thing is that it weighs in at just over 6 lbs. Thought it would be lighter then this.  

The Teton Sports floor space is 53 sq ft (95' x 80") and 58"at the centre.

This also is a two pole system, doesn't say what they're made of, comes with a fly and a carrying bag.

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