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 Remember, survival doesn't mean going and living like a caveman (although you may have to or maybe, want to), it means making sure you and your family have the right knowledge and essentials, if a disaster ever hits your home. If you don't have a survival plan in place and not to sure where to start, or how to implement one, then maybe we can help.

The very best tool you need to SURVIVE with...... is Knowledge!

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If you have a Tip or Trick, a Wilderness Recipe, a story, a question or perhaps you want to voice your opinion about something, you can do that too, just scroll down and start writing.


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 SO, R U Ready for any kind of survival situation?  Would you know where to go or how to find shelter, build a fire, stay safe. We have all kinds of useful tips and tricks, wild game recipes and helpful information to give you that fighting chance. We want to make sure that you have enough knowledge to survive any situation. We want you prepared!

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If your here's because you have SURVIVED yesterday.

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For info on your health and your immune system, please click the link below or the image above.


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Warning - Strong Language & Violence in the Mode;Survival novels.

Mode: Survival - Whatever it Takes

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Mode: Survival II - The First Winter

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Survival Frog

Alderleaf Wilderness College

My Bug Out Garden

Fishing Log Journal

Mode: Survival - Whatever it Takes

Living was easy, actually.., it was damn easy, now that's all changed. Living has become harder, a lot harder and now depends on who you have to kill in order to survive. A terrorist attack of mass destruction has left North America crippled, with devastation like no one has ever seen before. Power, roads, bridges, rails and communication has been cut off to millions of people. One family in southern Alberta has joined together and are doing whatever it takes to survive this ordeal. Join them, as they forge ahead to the foothills of the Rockies to start a new life.


Mode: Survival II  - The First Winter

The second instalment of this highly original, all too possible series, picks up right where book one left off. Rod and the gang at the campground head into their first winter under the harshest of circumstances, and it doesn't get any easier from there. The group faces many challenges in book two, you would think just getting prepared for an unforgiving, Canadian winter would be hard enough on it's own, but combined with all the turmoil from outside sources they have to face, it makes for an exhilarating, fast paced read. Packed with action, heartbreak, drama and even some mystery, this fresh take on a frightening subject is definitely worth immersing yourself in.


Survival Frog


The Survival Frog is a web site where you can get any kind of survival gear. If you go to the great outdoors at all......stop and shop here first. They have very unique and practical products that you will not find in your local store. Check them out at the link above.

Alderleaf Wilderness college

Alderleaf Wilderness College offers an online Survival Course. The course is a combination of online videos and downloadable PDFs. In the videos, you’ll get a clear demonstration of how each skill works. While the downloadable notes give you written instructions which you can bring with you into the wild. The Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Course equips you with everything you need to be confident in the wild. You’ll be able to enter any natural habitat with a sense of control.  You’ll be able to lead groups to safety. You’ll know how to stay safe and make the wild your home. 

My Bug Out Garden

My Bug Out Garden is written by Dan F. Sullivan and is a book and video filled with how to make a portable garden, that in event of disaster, can be transported along with the rest of your belongings. You will need plant holders, soil and access to water. You'll get 21 hours of video footage plus 4 e-books as a bonus, covering an action plan, canning, home remedies and profits from growing vegetables.

Fishing Log Journal

The Fishing Log Journal will help you record all the fish you catch, by weight, length, type, location, time and date. You can find it on Amazon KDP website by the link supplied above.

 This site is for information purposes. The information on this site is of the opinion of the authors and is believed to be true to the best of our knowledge. All posted literature is copyright by 2012-2023 unless otherwise stated.

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