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Survival Vests

Survival Vests are any kind of vests with multiple pockets, so that you can carry as much stuff with you as humanly possible. We will search for the most asked questions about Survival Vest so that you don't have too. The answers will be here for you. There wasn't many!

What's the difference between a Survival Vest and a Backpack?

The big difference between the two is the individual pockets. Generally on a backpack you have one large pocket and maybe two or three smaller pockets. With the vest you'll have anywhere from 12 to 18 pockets to fill, making it easier to find different items. If you wanted to get really created, you could fill the front of the vest up and still be able to wear a backpack for your larger items, like clothes, food and bedding.

What kind of items should I keep in my Survival Vest?

I'd keep items like these: a flashlight,(if the on/off button is at the end, wrap some duct tape around the body), spare batteries, a fire starter (ferro rod & striker), lighter, matches, dryer lint in a baggy, compass, pencil & paper, (around your pencil roll up some electrical tape), fold up knife, map of the area you're going to be in a big baggy, toilet paper in a baggy, fishing line and hooks in a baggy, multi-tool (like a leatherman), pencil sharpener (great for making shavings to light a fire) small first aid kit (band-aids, tension wrap, gauze, aspirins) 12 oz flask, 50 ft paracord, survival bracelet & a large handkerchief or bandanna. When your choosing baggies, get the heavier freezer bags in case you want to pack water in them. You can add as much as your pockets will hold or you feel safe packing as a lot of these items would fit together in one pocket.


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