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Knives, now here is a subject that could go on for pages, types, sizes and a multitude of uses. I was going to review just the basic 6 inch fixed blade hunting knife, but found it very difficult to find a 6"blade with over 100 reviews to it. So instead, we're just going with the top five best selling knives As usual, we are going to review these top five knives by rating off of Amazon, and only knives that have over 100 reviews will be looked at. We're looking for knives that have the highest rating, knowing that it's what customers are the most satisfied with. Click on the picture or the underlined brand name, this will take you to Amazon for more information.


Mossy Oak 2-Piece Bowie Knife, Fixed Blade Hunting Buck Knife Set, c/w Leather Handle with Sheath. You can find this knife on Amazon using this link;

The bigger knife has a  5 7/8" blade and the smaller one is a 4 1/8" blade. These type of blades are called Clip Blades. These are a good pair for hunting, survival, tactical and some outdoor situations.

This Mossy Oak set has a 4.7 rating out of 2700 reviews.";


SMITH & WESSON 9" H.R.T Double Edged Boot Knife. This is a fixed blade and is called a Spear Point. This knife can be found at :  The knife is not a throw knife, nor a everyday camping knife. It is a full tang with a solid plastic handle that is a bit on the small side. The Smith & Wesson blade is around 4 inches long and comes with a very good leather sheath. For the price, it's a good buy. It has a 4.7 out of 500 ratings.

Screenshot_2021-04-03 CRKT Obake Fixed B

CRKT Obake Fixed Blade Knife is made by the Columbia Knife & Tool Co. It has a cord wrapped handle, individually etched Ti-Nitride blade and comes with a glass-reinforced nylon sheath w/skull bead and a belt clip. This is a knife that you could use on the daily. You can find this knife on Amazon at this link:

The CRKT Obake knife is a Japaneses style and comes with a very good edge on it and a very reasonable price too. It has a rating of 4.6 out of over 900 reviews.


Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath. This knife has a 6 inch blade and is a dropped point. It can be found on Amazon at this link:

A popular knife with Military and Tactical Law Enforcement Personnel, the SRK is the standard issue knife of the Navy SEALS. The Cold Steel sheath is a one sided moulded case to fit the knife securely. This knife got a 4.8 rating out of 1600 reviews.


Gerber 31-003154 Compact Clearpath Machete. This knife has a 11 inch blade with a saw on the top side of it and a moulded plastic handle. It also comes with a packable sheath. It can be found on Amazon at this link:

For a Gerber, some folks were disappointed as to the strength of the blade, while others were happy. It is a Machete, so not your everyday user. It did get a 4.5 rating out of 360 reviews.

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