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#100 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... That net making looks pretty cool. Any special tools that you use?"

"No.....but it is easier if you make yourself a net needle. It goes a lot quicker and you can use it as a guage. Once you have the technique down with making a net, you can make dozens of other items. All you have to do is adjust the hole size and the material that you're using. Items like a carrying bag, big or small, net for your pickup truck box, (cargo net) hair net, chair seat, you get the picture. Use your imagination and you'll come up with all kinds of stuff. Below is a picture of a needle and how to use it.

Now that spring is here and camping, fishing and the garden season is here, I'm taking the summer off with "Hey Rod....." You can review all 100 posts at or on our Facebook page R U Ready Survival. Thanks, and we hope you enjoyed being here as much as we have been. Have a great summer everyone!"

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