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Feel free to CONTACT US if you'd like to see something different on our site, or if you only have a comment to make. If you require an answer, depending on the work load, we'll try and get back to you as quickly as we can. The longest it should take is 24 hours.

There's so many good stories out there. Maybe you survived though a terrific ordeal and you'd like to share the story with us. Unless you've gone through a real life disaster, you really don't know what's like to go without things like food, water and shelter. Fighting things like the elements, that you have completely no control of. Or maybe you've been lost in the wilderness for days and only had enough provisions for one day. These are the type of stories we'd love to hear about. So send in as many as you want.

Perhaps you have a Tip or Trick, something you've been using that you would like to pass on. This can be as simple as "don't forget such and such" or how to build something like a "tree house shelter using my bare hands" kind of project. We'll cover everything from advice on something, to showing us the way.

How about that favorite recipe that you use every time you go camping or hiking. Or a recipe your great grandmother used to use during the depression, when she had to feed 12 children with not much to work with. Here again, they can be simple little recipes, right up to a 3 course meal. I guess you could make it a 5 course meal if you wanted to add an appy and some dessert, like a bowl full of blueberries or raspberries.

Get on your keyboard and lets hear from all of you. So when you send in your stories for our contact-us, tips and tricks or wilderness recipes, please tell us the web page for each appropriate item. Makes our job a little bit easier when we're editing.

Thanks..."the management team"

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