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Survival Vests

We're going to explore what I like to call 'Survival Vests'. These vest can be fishing, surveyors or photographers vests. The main thing is that they have a lot of pockets for storing a verity of items. Items that you can carry with you no matter where you go. As you probably know by now, we use Amazon to use as a benchmark for reviews on the products that we post on our page, and they must have 100 or more reviews before we use them. Click on the picture or on the underlined brand, this will take you to Amazon for more info.

Lightbare Fishing Vest


The Lightbare Fishing Vest had a 4.7 rating out of 531 reviews. It can be found on Amazon using this link :

This vest has 18 pockets all together, 14 of them have zippers, even some on the back. The Lightbare Fishing Vest has extra loops for hanging flashlights, knives or any kind of external gear on them.

A lot of mesh so it will dry faster when you get it wet and breaths better and also making it light in weight. 

This vest is adjustable to fit most adults, by shoulder and side straps, so one size fits most people. The vest also comes in four different colors, red, army green, blue and grey. 

Bassdash Fishing Vest


The Bassdash Fishing Vest received a 4.7 rating out of 2524 reviews on Amazon. You can find it here at this link :

This fishing vest has 20 pockets with 15 of them being zippered. Most of them are on the front with a couple on the back.

This too has mesh for faster drying and also making the vest itself pretty light weight.

The Bassdash has extra loops and D rings for hanging extra gear on. This vest comes in three colors, light brown, red and blue.

Straps are adjustable on both the shoulder and around the waist, making it one size fits most. 

Obcursco Fly Fishing Vest


The Obcursco Fishing Vest ranked 4.5 with over 303 reviews. You can find this vest on Amazon following this link :

This vest has 15 pockets, with 11 of them having zippers. The vest itself has a zipper front with adjustable shoulder and waist straps making it a one size fits most people.

The Obcursco Vest is made with a mixture of fabric and mesh, making it light and quick to dry when wet. This vest also comes in six different colors, grey, army green, khaki, camo, grey 02, and green 02.

This vest also seems more compact than the others.

Pioneer Surveyors Vest


The Pioneer Surveyors Vest ranked 4.3 out of only 201 reviews. This vest can be found on Amazon st this link :

This vest has 12 pockets altogether. 11 in the front and one big one on the back. None are zippered, looks like Velcro.

Lots of reflective strips if that's what you're looking for. This vest is probably a little heavier than the others as it dose not have any messing on it at all.

There a pouch for a radio or maybe modified to hold a cell phone. Four eyelets for running a lanyard through, like holding a compass, whistle or neck-knife on.

The Pioneer Vest comes in sizes Small to 4 XL.

Yakeda Army Vest


The Yakeda Army Vest ranked 4.5 out of 6327 reviews on Amazon. This vest can be found on Amazon following this link:

This vest is more if you're looking for a something to pack a gun and ammo on your person. It has magazine pouches, shot-shell holder and multiple small pouches for knives and a flashlight and the front is zippered.

The shoulder and waist straps are adjustable to fit a person up to a 4XL. 

The Yakeda Vest comes in five different colors, black, green, camo, mud and ACU.

There is also a pistol belt that fits around the waist that comes with it, this too has a couple of pouches on it. For right hand shooters, it has a padded shooting pad on the right shoulder.

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