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Knives have been around for ever. There are as many different knives as there are different foods. A knife is only as good as the person handling that knife. If you look in your kitchen right now, you'll probably see at least six different kinds of knives, and that's a small amount. We personally have eleven in the kitchen and I've probably have another ten or twelve between whats in the house and in the garage.

Knives run in range from an inch long blade right up to an AImacasa machete with a 28" blade. The knives we reviewed were the five top selling knives on Amazon that had a rating of over 100. It's not surprising that the first knife on the list was a hunting style 6 inch fixed blade knife. For being out in the bush, whether your camping, hiking, hunting or boating, a good fixed blade knife is a must.

Now if your out fishing, you want a nice sharp flex blade knife that will fillet a fish without any bones. I have one that adjusts from 6 inches right up to 9 inches made by Cutco. Most fish knives come with a sheath, mine is made of some kind of sturdy plastic, it opens like a pair of pliers and can be used to hold the fish while you fillet it. Pretty handy.

When buying a knife, first consider what your going to be using that knife for. There's knives for skinning, butchering, slicing, throwing, combat, chopping, boning, carving and even some for whittling.

There are also a good many folding blade knives out there, some come with a case that you can clip on you belt or in your boot, while others don't have any cases at all. These are meant to be more of a pocket knife. I've got a little 3 inch folding blade knife (sharp as a razor) that was meant to be a pocket knife, so I made a leather case so that I can wear it on my belt and it works good.

There are also many different styles of blades, different grinds and parts of a knife. Below in the three charts, I listed the most common blades, the type of grinds and what each part of the knife is called.


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