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Four Person Tents

We reviewed four person tents and now going to give you the most asked questions about tents and what to look for when you're about to purchase one for your own use. 

Will a 4 person tent hold a queen size mattress?

The answer is yes. Most four person tent will hold a blow-up queen size mattress with some room to spare. The ones we reviewed all will.

Can you cook in a tent?

No you should not cook in a small tent. Tents aren't fireproof and are not made to use as a kitchen. Even gas stoves should be used outside. Your out camping, you should have a campfire going and cooking on that. Even candles shouldn't be used in the tent. Use a flashlight or a lantern. Now I'm talking this light polyester tents. You can cook in a canvas wall tent, big difference between the two.

How many different kinds of tents are there?

There are number of different styles of tents. The ones we did a review on were the Dome type, probably the most common one. Of course we can't forget the original tent, the granddaddy of them all, the Tee Pee.  There are also Geodesic tents that are similar to the dome, but more sleek and oblong. Another one is the Ridge type that are more shaped like a small house with a peak roof, often called a wall tent. That's what the heavier canvas tents are called. Others are called Hoop, Bivy, Tunnel, A frame, Umbrella and Pop-up tents. There are a lot more names out there, but most are related to one of these Styles.

Are tents waterproof?

No tents are not waterproof. That is why you need either a fly or a tarp over the tent. There are manufactures that claim their tents are waterproof because they've sprayed them with some kind of chemicals, but it doesn't last. You need a cover.

What's the best tent I can buy?

Depends on what you're going to be doing. If you're just going for week-end camping trips once in a while and in a vehicle, one of the Instant or Dome tents will work just fine for you. If you're going to be hiking for hours, you're going to want one that is very light in weight and doesn't take up much room. If you're going for a two week hunting or fishing trip, then you'll want something a lot heavier and stronger, like a canvas wall tent that you can put a stove in and has lots of room for more than one or two cots.


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