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Food Storage List



This is a food-storage list I copied off of the internet. Some of the things mentioned will cost a bit more that $5, some items, a lot more, depending where and when you buy the items. Look for food on sale and stock up on it then. Remember that the storage of this food is just as important as getting the food to start with. 

There are so many things that you can buy bulk now, like the cheese powder that you find in the macaroni and cheese boxes. You'll get so much more if you buy bulk macaroni and bulk cheese powder instead of buying the prepackaged boxes. I'd also replace the canned soups with dry soup mixes. Way easier to store and a lot lighter to pack. I myself buy more straight pasta's, dried peas, beans and soup mixes. But, there again, personal choices.

You can change whatever suites your needs, but you get the jest of it. You can see how much you'd have, if you stuck to this plan for 52 weeks. I'd also add some water to that food storage list, pick some up or store some every week. You should have a minimum of 1 gal per day, per person. If you have pets, your going to need extra for them. So a family of four with a dog, would need 15 gallons of water for three days. Make your own list and start planning for your survival food storage cache.

This can be an on going event, just remember to rotate items that have a short shelf life, when there about to expire, use them up and replace that item with a new one, so as not to deplete you stock. Just go by your own taste buds, and you'll have food that works for you for a long time.

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