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Five - Fire Lighters (Starters)

This review will be from Amazon's top reviews. No item with less than 100 reviews will listed, as we feel that any less, isn't being judged fairly by the public. From here, YOU be the judge. Click on the picture or the brand and go to Amazon for more info.

Flint Fire Lighters


Get your Flint Fire Lighters (Starters) here at Amazon

These Fire Lighters (Starters) are ranked 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon with 170 reviews. The real beauty about this is, that you get get TWO of these Flint Fire Starters for a very good price. They are not too long, the flint rods are only 3.5 inches but produce a shower of 3000 degree Celsius sparks with each stroke. For anyone not familiar with these kind of strikers, there is a protective film that needs to be scraped off before the sparks start to fly.

There is a good length of lanyard that connects the striker and flint from being separated from one another. The handles are a bright orange, making them easily found if dropped on the ground or snow. The scraper has a serrated edge for scraping magnesium from the rod or shaving small pieces of wood and a flat edge for producing the sparks.

It reads that you will get 15,000 strikes from these lighters, (it doesn't say if that's from one or the total for both), regardless, this pair make them a long lasting outdoor companion for any emergency or non-emergency situation.

Did I mention that all of the Ferro Rods can be used in the rain, snow or wind if somewhat protected with good tinder.



Small & Light-weight - Lots of sparks with every stroke - Bright orange handles - Pack of Two - 15,000 strikes - 3,000 degree Celsius sparks


Need two hands to work them properly, making them difficult to use if one of your arms or hands become injured.

Fire-Fast Fire Starter- Magnesium and European Ferro Rod


Get your Fire-Fast Fire Lighter on Amazon right here:

Here again, this small Fire Lighter has a 4.8 out of 5 on the 224 reviews from Amazon. The unique thing about this lighter, is that it has two rods, one is a Ferro Rod and the other is a Magnesium Rod. Even in the harshest conditions, using a bit of magnesium mixed in with your tinder base, the Ferro rod produces enough sparks to ignite first time light-ups, time after time for up to 10,000 strikes.

The Fire-Fast handle is solid, made out of hardwood, so in an emergency, you'll be able to scrape some shavings off of the handle and use that for tinder along with the magnesium.

It comes with a hardened steel scraper attached by a piece of 550 grade Paracord, meaning that the cord will not rot or break under normal conditions, so you don't have to worry about the scraper detaching and getting lost. The scraper is great for creating shavings and sparks but not sharp enough to cut you.



Small & Lightweight - Two rods, Ferro & Magnesium - Hardwood handle (can be scraped and used for shaving in an emergency) - Steel Scraper with Paracord attachment.


Hardwood handle easily lost on the ground if dropped while walking. You need two hands to work it.

überleben Kräftig Fire Starter 1/2” Thick, 5” or 8” Lengths 


You can find this on Amazon right here:

This Ferro rod also got a 4.8 out of 5 with 527 reviews on Amazon. This Fire Lighter comes in two sizes, a 5 inch and a 8 inch both in a 1/2 inch diameter. People really liked the long length of the 8 inch rod, saying it was easier to handle than most of the shorter models. Total preference as to how much you want to pack around with you.

This rod produces loads of 3000 degree Celsius sparks, making for easy fire starting and long lasting with over 20,000 strikes.

The cord is a bit stiff but can easily be replaced with whatever kind of cord you prefer to use. The scraper is multi functional, it has a ruler, straight-edge spine, concave tinder scraper, bottle opener, map scale and a hex wrench. There is no handle, all Ferro rod.



All Ferro rod, will last for a long time - 20,000 strikes - Comes in two lengths - 1/2 inch in diameter - Very versatile scraper - Heavier, but built to last a life time.


No handle, harder to handle when wet - Easily lost if dropped while walking - Needs two hands to use.

Light My Fire Lighter


You can get your Light My Fire here on Amazon:

The Light My Fire rod got a rating of 4.7 out of 5 with 1,057 reviews. This was the original Fire Lighters on the market, developed by the Swiss Department of Defence. It is small and compact with a 4 inch x 3/8" Swiss Fire Steel rod.

The scraper is made out of stainless steel with both the scraper and the rod having very good moulded plastic handles for easy handling even with wet cold hands.

The rod handle is a orange color, making it easy to find if dropped on the ground while out in the bush. The lanyard that keeps the rod and striker attached, comes with a emergency whistle.

This model is said to have 12,000 strikes, making it a life time product for most people. As with the others, this unit will work in the harshest of conditions, with a excellent shower of intense 3000 degree Celsius sparks.



Small & Lightweight - Colored contoured handle for easy handling & finding - 12,000 strikes - Stainless Steel scraper - Emergency whistle


Need two hands to work it.

Blastmatch Fire Lighter


The Blastmatch can be found here on Amazon :

This Fire Lighter ranked 4 out of 5 with 424 reviews on Amazon. This wasn't one of the top reviews that we found on Amazon, but we wanted to include this one because of it's uniqueness, the Blastmatch is a one handed Fire Lighter.

To operate the lighter, unlock the cap to release the 4 inch Ferro rod, then push down on the spring-loaded rod while also pressing on the tab button to create sparks that can be directed to one spot. The sparks aren't always the brightest and it takes a bit of practice to perfect, but it does work.

The handle comes in either bright orange or black and it reads that it can produce up to 4,000 strikes. The bar rotates 360 degrees so that you get even wear out of the rod as it's being used.

If you were to ever get one of your hands or arms injured, this one handed fire lighter could save your life. So even if this doesn't match the other units and wouldn't make it your go-to Fire Lighter, it would make a very good back-up unit to have with you in case of an emergency. Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.


One Handed operation - Bright orange handle - Will get 4,000 strikes - Bar rotates 360 degrees for even wear - Good back-up unit


Light plastic container - Sparks sometimes weak

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