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Paracord review


SurvivorCord Type III Military 550 Parachute Cord with Integrated Fishing Line, Multi-Purpose Wire, and Waterproof Fire Starter. This high quality paracord has a breaking strength of 620 lbs. It can be found here on amazon; 

The brand name for this cord is called SurvivorCord. Along with the three inner emergency strands, are also 7 nylon strands,(one site reads nylon strands, the other reads polyester, I believe it to be nylon) giving it it's extra strength. The outer casing is nylon.

The cord comes in multi colors and comes in 100 ft lengths. The only thing missing here are the fishing hooks.


550 Fire Cord with Fishing-line and fire-Starter Tinder Mil-Spec Type III Paracord. This paracord can be found here;

The Fire Cord paracord has a 50 lb test fishing line, a water proof fire-starter strand, a cotton strand along with 7 polyester three braid strands. It does not say what the breaking strength is. This cord comes in multi colors and is available in 25 and 100 ft lengths. The brand name is Power Paracord.


SurvivorCord XT is a Military Type IV 750 Paracord/Parachute Cord (0.6cm Diameter) with Integrated 110 lb. Kevlar Thread, a 25 lb. Braided Fishing Line, and a waxed jute Waterproof Fire Tinder. You can find it on Amazon at this link;  SurvivorCord XT has a breaking strength of just under 1000 lbs. This cord has 12 nylon strands instead of the regular 7, giving it's far greater strength. It only comes in the color black and 100 ft. long.


WILDAIR Paracord Survival Paracord Parachute Fire Cord Survival Ropes 4-in-1 5/32" Diameter U.S. Military Type III with Integrated Fishing Line and Fire-Starter Tinder. You can find it on Amazon here;

Wildair paracord has 7 strands of polyester three braid material, a 40 lb. test braided fishing line, a flax tinder waterproof fire starter cord and 1 cotton cord. It does not state a true breaking strength. It comes in 25 and 100 ft lengths in multi colors.


PARACORD PLANET - 850 Black Paracord. The 850 stands for the breaking strength of this paracord. It says the material is made of plastic, it is Mold, Mildew, Rot and UV Resistant - Made in The USA. There are eight strands instead of the normal 7. You can find Paracord Planet here on this Amazon link;  It comes in one color and in 100 foot lengths.

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