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Walking Stick

  • You can make a walking stick out of any piece of wood that you'd find in the bush. What you want is a dry straight piece that fits comfortably in your hand. It must be firm and able to hold your weight. Try to break it, and if you can, then it wasn't strong enough for you. The reason you want a strong stick is, If you slip climbing up a hill or trying to jump a small creek, (you'll use your stick as a pole vault) your stick has to be able to carry your weight, and sometimes more. Once you get use to walking with a stick, you'll soon find that it is your best friend. You'll use it to lift, pry, push, balance and yes, just to lean on.

  • Your stick can also be used as a weapon. You can sharpen the end to a point or lash a knife or a sharp rock to it and you now have a spear. 

  • I used to drill a hole into the end of my stick that contacted the ground and drove a spike into it, leaving about 2 inches sticking out. I'd cut off the head of the spike and sharpen it. I'd then taper the wood around the spike. It was now a stick and a spear. Your stick will now dig into the ground and keep you from slipping when your going up hills and over blowdown.

  • One of my sticks even had a small burl on it. When I cut it to the right length, I made sure the burl was just below where my hand held the stick, that way it kept my hand from sliding down, when I was putting extra pressure on it.

  • I used mine even in the winter, I'd knock snow of off branches with it, and when I was out snowshoeing, I'd use it for balancing over windfall and climbing with.

  • For just a plain old stick, you can use a broom or mop handle (the wooden ones).

  • Very handy item to have with you.


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