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#7 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod......growing a garden would sure help with the vegetables, but what about the meat? I'm a meat eater and I can't see living without it. What then?”

“I don't believe there will be a meat shortage, more of a processing shortage. A lot of the plants got shut down because of employee's getting sick. They are going to get started again but will take some time to fill the backlog. If you can't find meat at the stores, reach out to your local butchers. Most of these people are in contact with ranchers and farmers and will be able to find suitable meat for you. Here again, find a local Farmers Market and support it. You can also get a fishing license and go catch some fish. When hunting season opens, go hunting. Think outside of the store. Worse comes to worse, even mice, rats and birds have protein.” (and yes, so do worms)

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#21"Hey Rod.....

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#20 "Hey Rod.....

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