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#19 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod........I'd like to go fishing, what kind of rod and reel should I buy? I don't want anything too complicated, just something to catch a fish or two once in a while.”

“The most uncomplicated rod is a pole, something with some flex in it, is a willow, about six feet long and about 1/2” at the small end. At the end of this tie about twenty or thirty feet of fishing line with a hook. Depending how deep the water is, attach a bobber (can be as simple as a cork or a small piece of wood) so that your hook is about six inches above the bottom. Dig around under rocks or old logs and find a worm or some kind of grub and put it on your hook. Throw this in the water and wait for a fish to bite, and when it does, set the hook by pulling hard on the pole and landing your fish. Now this fish may be a trout, a sucker or some other bottom feeder, but even these can still be eaten. Gut it and cut the head off (some people like the head and make soup with it). Even if it's real bony, once you fry it up, the meat will pull away from the bones. Another way to cook bony fish is to grind them up, bones and all, add onions, eggs and bread crumbs or crackers and make fish patties. Fry these up in some hot oil adding salt and pepper to taste. Yummy..... That's about as simple as it gets or...... go spend hundreds of dollars on fishing gear and you'll still end up catching a bony fish or two.”

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#20 "Hey Rod.....

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