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#17 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod........I found a bottle of Tea Tree oil in my old shaving kit, looks like it's been there for a while. Do you have any idea what I could use this for, other than to make myself smell prettier?”

“It would probably take a lot more than that to make you 'smell prettier', but Tea Tree oil itself has many uses. It has healing and antibacterial properties. The shampoo I use has tea tree oil in it, it helps control dandruff, scalp flakes and itching. You can also use it for acne, skin conditions, sunburn, insect bites, jock itch, athletes foot, toenail fungus and head lice. If you mix a few drops of tea tree oil with some warm water and honey, it will soothe a sore throat. I even heard that it will help with earaches, did you hear that.....helps with earaches. I said......”

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