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#13 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod.......I got friends that live in the city and don't have means of driving out to the country to do any foraging. Is there anything that they can pick within the city?”

“Hell yeah, I already mentioned dandelions and cattails that grow everywhere, there's also red clover, the tops are good to eat as is or made into a tea. They can be dried out and pounded into flour, you can actually substitute up to 50% of your regular flour with clover flour for the same results and then add some rose petals for added flavor. I've even heard of people drying clover and smoking it for a non-nicotine cigarette. Speaking of roses, rose hips are loaded with vitamin C. Another source of vitamin C is from the needles off of conifer trees, chew them or make it into a tea. Different berries also grow everywhere, look for raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and blueberries. Sometimes you'll find apple, crab-apple, chokecherry or saskatoon trees around parks and water ways. I've also found wild onion and asparagus along river banks. There are so many weeds (not that kind of weed, but you could probably smoke some of these too) that are good to eat in one form or another.”

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