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#11 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod......The government (actually it was a guy wanting to be a dick-tater) has placed 1500 rifles as illegal in Canada. The natives are being excluded from this, seems kind of strange, it's like we're being discriminated against. I feel like there's something bigger coming our way and we won't be prepared for it. What do you think of all this nonsense?”

“Doesn't make sense does it, we have the strictest gun laws of anywhere. The only people this will affect are the law abiding citizens, criminals never buy their guns from your local dealer and the vast majority of them do not have a firearms license. I heard that a lot of these illegal guns got sold to the natives, maybe you have a friend somewhere that could help. Sounds to me that this is just the first stage of this performance, once they start, they'll not stop until ALL guns are given up. There are still a lot of legal guns that you can own, guard them with your life, you may have to. I wonder what's next, knives, sling shots, bow & arrows, spears or maybe..........the bat.”

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#20 "Hey Rod.....

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