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New Features

We've added a couple of new features that we'll be adding to on a regular basis. The first feature is a 'Review' page, where we will do reviews on different outdoor products that we feel you may be interested in. We will take five products from Amazon, using their most used comments and compelling a review for that product. We will not use any product that has any less than 100 reviews, as we feel that product would not have a fair evaluation by you the public. The first product that we're Reviewing is Fire Lighter (Starters).

The second feature we're doing is called 'Education', where we will search for the top answers concerning the products that we are reviewing. This will save you having to do a bunch of research before purchasing one of these products. Our first 'Education page' is to do with Fire Lighters (Starters). We hope you enjoy this new feature along with the rest of the site. Any time you would like to make a suggestion for a new product, or leave a comment, feel free to message us on our home page at,

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