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#93 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... what can you tell me about forecasting the weather when you're out in the wilderness?"

"Well, look out of your tent, if it's sunny.....great! But seriously, there are a number of indications that can help you. There's an old saying, Red skies at night are a sailors delight, because the air that is about 600 miles away is dry and that is what you're going to get the next day. Red skies in the morning is a sailors warning, is just the opposite. The dry skies are 600 miles gone past, so you don't know what's going to come next. Also when geese are migrating, if they're flying high, the weather is good, if they're low, it means there's a low pressure coming in. Another old saying is, 'It's going to rain, I can feel it in my bones', because a lot of people can feel the difference between a high and low pressure system in their bodies. When you see lightning, count the number of seconds (one mississippi, two mississippi) until you hear the thunder. For every 5 seconds the storm is a mile away. Dark clouds, birds roosting, animals heading for cover and the guy next door putting his antique car in the garage, are all signs of unsettled weather. Well.....maybe not the guy next door."

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