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#92 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey said there were a few bad experiences, what else do you recall?"

"When my wife was pregnant with our youngest, we moved back out to the bush. We had a golden lab, some ducks, rabbits and a goat. That winter was very mild and we had nothing for snow. We didn't know the goat was also pregnant and she had her kid near the end of January. It was so mild and warm out that we called the kid Spring. Our kids loved her. Well our youngest was born near the end of March and later that spring we decided to leave the bush and go to a job I was offered further north. By now the rabbits were all gone and the ducks were easy to give away, but nobody wanted the goats. (Of course we kept the dog). I tried giving them away to all the neighbors but no-one wanted them. They were pets, but I wasn't going to let the coyotes having them, so I ended up shooting and butchering them for our own use. Well, the wife and the two girls would have nothing to do with eating Nanny and Spring. My oldest son and I enjoyed the meat very much, if you've never tried goat meat, it's really good."

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