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#91 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... did you have any bad experiences when you were living off grid?"

"There were a few.....the first winter that we were out there, we stayed with my mother-in-law in her house. That winter she decided to buy a stove called a Franklin Fireplace to heat the front with. We had that stove in the front part of the house and an airtight stove to heat the back part of the house. That Franklin was nice to look at when the doors were open and the screen was up, it was like sitting in front of a real fireplace. But it was the worst heater ever! The fire box was small so it couldn't take a lot of wood at a time, and when you closed the doors, the fire kept raging. There was so much open space around the doors that you could not slow the fire down, so during the night every two hours you had to get up and feed the stove. In those days, we had a lot of minus thirty to minus forty (-30 to -40) during the winters, so you can imagine the frustration."

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