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#87 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... wow, a log house, that would be awesome. What other things that you feel were needed to live in the bush?"

"I guess this all depends on how you want to live and how comfortable you want to be. We never had power, other than 12 volt stuff. Instead of toast we had grilled bread, (I actually prefer it) coffee was perked on the stove, water was brought up from the lake in buckets and heated in a kettle. To bathe we used a large plastic tub, kids went first then a change of water, then the wife and I would bathe each other. Propane was used for the cook stove and fire wood was used for the heater. The bathroom had a basin on a stand and a toilet lid on a 5 gallon pail for at night or when it was cold out. Other than that, we used an outhouse. For lights we had one propane light and a couple of gas lamps that used white gas. There was no TV, phones or any means of communication. We listened to messages on the radio that were broadcast twice a day. Life was simple, but busy, cutting fire wood, hunting for food, building and fixing."

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