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#85 "Hey Rod.....

'Hey Rod..... We're thinking of moving 'off grid', what would you consider a good cooking source?"

"It's funny, we lived 'off grid' years ago with three small kids, but back then we just called it 'living in the bush.' A propane cook stove is more convenient than a wood cook stove and a lot cooler in the summer months. An outdoor bar-b-q is a good backup, and can be used year round. If you want the ultimate cooking source, build an outdoor pizza oven. Other than a quick pizza, you can bake bread, cakes, cookies and anything else that you would normally bake or roast in an oven. Just make sure you have a good reliable thermometer because you'll be cooking different things at different degrees. Pizza at 800 degrees (cooks in like under 2 minutes), meats at 500 degrees and breads at 350 degrees, roughly. You have to keep your eye on it, but it is very versatile and will save you a lot in propane over the year. If you learn to cook over a fire pit, this too will be good in the hot summer months."

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