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#80 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... what kind of knife would you recommend for whittling?"

"Myself, I like a small pocket knife. One with about a three inch blade. I had a Schrade Old timer that had three different styles of blades on it. The longest blade was 3" clip blade and was the main blade that I used. The other two blades, a pen and a sheepsfoot, were handy for other kinds of cuts.

The Schrade company shut down years ago but the knife patterns and trade marks were always bought up by other companies and the name lives on. The modern day Old Timers are made in China, and that was more to keep the price in check to make it affordable to the masses.

I no longer have my Old Timer, it got lost and was never replaced, darn it! We'll be doing a review of fold up knives soon and will definitely be including the Old Timer."

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