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#78 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... I live in the the city and I do not own transportation, I rely on public transit. What would you suggest if a major disaster were to happen to where I live?"

"Well you, this is a pretty broad question. Where in the city do you live? Are you alone or do you have a family to take care of? This also depends on the type of disaster, if it's a flood, you should have a boat. If it's a earth-quack, the roads may be impassable and you may have to walk to safety. If it's a hurricane, here again.....depends on where you live, in an apartment/condo, single story house no basement, with a basement or in mobile home in a trailer park.

In a flood you sure don't want to be in a basement, but in a hurricane, it might be the safest place to be. There are so many different scenario's, so it all comes down to how prepared you want to be. If it's a catastrophe of unreal proportions, then you should have a plan established before anything like that happens. Especially if you live in a zone that is known for earth-quacks or hurricanes. Figure out an escape route, do you have a safe zone to go to, do you have a bug out bag packed and ready to go, and if you're on medication, have you got enough to last a few days. Start preparing now, never know when disaster will hit!"

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