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#77 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... What about if I want to bring food out to my shelter?"

"Bring as much food as you want, just don't keep it in the shelter with you. Bears have a very keen sense of smell and can usually break into anything that has food in it. Keep your food up as high as you possibly can and not attached to a tree. By this, I mean not against the tree itself, as black bears are very good climbers and will retrieve your food before you know it. If you have water-tight containers, you can fill these with food and keep them submerged underwater. This is where canned goods are handy, (a lot more weight if you're packing in) because you can get everything from potatoes, veggies & meat in cans without any smell. Myself, I like the dry stuff that you only need to add water too, pancake mix, dehydrated eggs, jerky, potatoes, veggies and soups. Easy to store and hardly any weight to them. You can store three days supply of food in a fairly small sealed container."

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