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#76 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... Once I have my shelter built, what should I use for some kind of bed?"

"I think moss is the best mattress in the bush. I've tried spruce boughs, and to me, they compress much too fast and pretty soon you feel like you're just laying on a bunch of branches. (But actually are) If your shelter is big enough to make a bed, even if it's only a few inches off of the ground. This makes a big difference, staying off of the cold ground. Once you have the framework for the bed, start using roots and willows and interlace them back and forth until the whole bed is like a big weaved blanket. This not only strengthens the bed, but it will also give it a bit of a spring to it. Now on top of your weaved blanket, layer a bunch of moss and leaves (as thick as you want, the thicker the better, just remember to take rocks and pine cones out first) and you'll sleep like a baby. A happy baby, not a cranky crying baby."

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