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#74 "Hey Rod.....

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

"Hey Rod..... I never thought of going along a lake shore and building a hide-a-way shelter. I was thinking of nailing some poles in place and then lay some plastic over it to make it more weather proof."

"The problem with nails and plastic is that they do not decompose. I like to build all natural in the event that I can not return to that site in the future, that way, it will naturally decompose over time. I like to use roots to bind the poles together, branches over lapped, bark from fallen trees and willows to make my shelters with. You'll have to do some digging to find the the small usable roots from around a big tree. Use these roots to tie your ridge poles, along with any side poles that you want to attach. If you go to; - look in the main menu for 'Tips & Tricks', click on that wording and you will find pictures of different kinds of survival type shelters somewhere on that page. For images of other shelters, go to the Gallery page and scroll through.

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