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#65 Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... Wow, how can we prepare for something that big?"

"The only way we can fight this is we need to all stick together and keep them from taking our freedom ...... the sooner this happens, the better. I don't know if you've heard about the cabal or not, but they are the ones that want a one world order, one currency, one ruler, less population (under 1 billion) and complete control.

Now if you have any survival skills at all, this is where they will come in handy, to go out into the wild and live off of the land. But it will only last for a while. Eventually it will catch up to you, especially when you or your family will need emergency medical attention, or when you run out of food that you can't find or produce anymore. This could take weeks, months or years, but they will eventually win, if we don't stop them NOW! This is survival at it's highest level right now!"

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