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#62 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod..... okay, now you're talking a whole other level of survival. Your talking about the rich and the elite and how they want to control the world......right?"

"That's right. There's so much that we haven't been told, like did you know that Canada is a corporation and is registered in New York? Did you know that all of the provinces and all the cities and the majority of towns are also corporations, just like Tim Hortons, Canadian Tire or Walmart. Now this is the interesting part, can the CEO of Tim Hortons come over to Walmart and tell them how to run their business or what rules and regulations they can have in place or how to treat their customers? The answer is No! The only people that they can enforce their rules on are the people that work for them. The same goes for any corporations......Period. Now, let that sink in."

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#98 "Hey Rod.....

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