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#61 "Hey Rod.....

Hey Rod..... man oh man, if the dollar were to collapse that's a lot of stuff to worry about!"

"My friend, if the dollar were to collapse, you'd have plenty to worry about. Life as we've known it would never be the same again, actually, it isn't the same right now. Our kids don't have the freedom that we enjoyed, we could leave one job on Friday and start a new on Monday. We were free to travel anywhere in North America without a passport. There wasn't as many rules and regulations, taxes or political BS as there is now. But when it gets bad, if you're one of the people that aren't prepared for it, well..... it could get pretty ugly out there. The ones that don't have will want to take from the ones that do have. When the great depression hit, my grandparents lived on a farm and if someone came by looking for work, they'd get a meal and a place to sleep before being turned away. I wonder how much of that empathy we'll see in the future."

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