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#57 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey far you've covered food, water, shelter, crypto and precious metals. What more can we prepare for?"

"Once you have that stocked up on and are feeling a little on the right side of things, you can start planning for longer term survival. One of the things you should buy and save next is seeds. Some sort of garden will be a real asset if things continue to go down hill for any length of time. Keep in mind that a lot of the vegetables you buy from the stores will not reproduce, so saving seeds from veggies and fruit you have now isn't the best choice. You need to buy 'heirloom' seeds in order to keep growing year after year. (Meaning the fruit and vegetables you grow from heirloom seeds, will produce seeds that will keep reproducing more fruit and vegetables year after year) A lot of herbs and smaller crops like, green onions, lettuce and tomatoes can be grown indoors year round. If you don't have a garden area, plant in buckets, pots, totes or anything else that will hold dirt or water. Think outside the box and make it work. Stay safe everyone!"

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#98 "Hey Rod.....

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