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#52 "Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod.....yesterday you touched on Cryptocurrency as a necessity if the dollar collapses. Could you elaborate?"

"Sure, if the dollar were to collapse I really believe that Crypto would replace it. The Ethereum smart contract (and some others out there) are completely decentralized. Once a contract is put on the blockchain it cannot be changed, removed or hacked by anyone (including banks) and especially by any government. You can send Crypto anywhere in the world, peer to peer without a third party involved, it is cheap and fast, a lot of the time within minutes. You need to set up a wallet and that wallet will have an address that is unique to only you. As long as you don't share that address and your password with anyone else, it is very secure. There's always a record of every transaction and these records cannot be altered in any way. A lot of business' are accepting Crypto as payment now and it will not take long for the rest of the retailers to switch over to Crypto if the dollar were to collapse. The top three Cryptos right now are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. There are a ton of others too, but these three have proven themselves to stay for the long haul. I believe Ethereum to be the best in the very long run because it offers so much more than just a token on the blockchain. Ethereum has just released a 2.0 version and once that is fully implemented the smart contracts will become superfast and very cheap, meaning more and more people will be using them. There is an Ethereum Matrix where you can actually earn ETH after an initial investment....... daily if you really want to work at it. We can send you info on it. This is something worth looking into and definitely something to think about. Stay safe my friends!"

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