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#51 Hey Rod.....

"Hey Rod, Welcome back! There is talk about the dollar collapsing, what do make of this?"

"Yes I've heard the talk and could not stay quiet anymore. As long as they keep calling this virus that is 99% curable, a 'pandemic', then there is a very good chance of the dollar declining and probably collapsing. With the economy sinking with business' shutting down and the high rise in employment, something has to happen. I just hope that people are getting prepared for this kind of survival situation. For an example, if you were lucky enough to build a nice retirement nest egg of let's say $100,000, if the dollar dropped down to .05, your $100,000 would now be worth $5,000. It would cost $100 to buy a $5 loaf of bread. Get the picture. If you have money now, do not sit on it. Invest it into something you're going to need in the near future, like food, water, Crypto, (That will be the new form of payment, and I can help you with this) precious metals, garden seeds, items you can barter with, security products, gas & propane. I'll be focusing on each of these things in the next few days. Let this sink in and really start planning your next move. Stay safe my friends."

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#98 "Hey Rod.....

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