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#45 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod.....what did people use for glue in days of old, when knights were bold?”

“One of the oldest forms of glue is sap or pitch from trees. Pine trees are great for this. The natives used pine sap to seal their birch-bark canoes and affix arrow heads and feathers to their arrows. The sap of trees also makes a very good fire starter. A lot of time you can find clumps of pitch on the side of trees where the tree has been scraped. As the sap is running up the tree, it will spill out and collect, then harden where the injury to the tree was, this is the way the tree heals itself. Speaking of healing, pine sap can be put on a wound of your own as it has astringent qualities, to help keep bacteria out. Don't try eating it though, as it contains turpentine.”

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