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#44 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey would I make a fish trap, if I didn't have any other way of catching a fish?”

“A lot of this depends on the area you're fishing. If you're in some shallows along a river or stream, you can build a fence out of sticks. You shove the sticks into the creek bottom forming a circle with a funnel type of opening, so it's easy for the fish to swim in but hard to get out. Once there in your 'fence', you can either spear them or catch them with your hands. If your at a lake or other large body of water, you can build a fish trap out of willows. You build it in a tube shape with sticks pointing inwards on each end, here again you want to make it easy for the fish to swim in and hard to get out. If you have any kind of bait, try to secure it to the middle of your tube. If you've learned how to make cordage, (or if you brought some para-cord with you like you should of) you could try to make an net and use that in a narrow channel of a creek or out in a lake. Good luck with either way.”

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