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#41 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey can I make cordage from hair or roots?”

“This really helps if you know how to braid, if you don't, learn how. The 'hair' you'll find is on stalks, (like cat tails/bulrushes) you'll take this hairs and braid them into a rope. You'll want to have different lengths so as to off set were they overlap or else your rope will have a very weak spot if they're all joined at the same place. You can also dig up small roots from big trees, as these will be spread out the furthest. You can use a sharp rock and a solid stick or branch to help you dig the roots out. Depending on what you need the cordage for, small roots will usually be sufficient just the way they are. Here again, replace your boot laces with paracord and have some extra in your backpack. We've reviewed five backpacks on our web site, check them out if you're in the market.”

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