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#40 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey would I get drinking water if I'm stuck in the middle of no-where and no stream close by?”

“Well there a couple of ways. First of all, if there is dew on the grass, rocks or vegetation, you can absorb this with a clean cloth (even a clean part of your t-shirt, no underwear) then wring it out into something, even your mouth if there is nothing else is available. The next way is from condensation, but here you'll need some plastic to work better. If you happen to have a plastic bag, (doesn't have to be clear), you'll put a small rock on the bottom of the bag and then tie the bag around a clump of leaves on a tree or brush. Do this facing the sun, as the sun heats the bag it will collect moisture from the leaves and drip into the bag. The ultimate here, if you had a piece of surgical tubing, you'd put the tubing to the bottom of the bag and suck the water out as it forms. Either way, you'd want to take the bag off before sunset or else the plant will absorb the liquid back up again. Other forms of drinking water are, rain or snow. If you planned your trip right, you'd have a drinking filter in your backpack to filter your new found water source. We've reviewed some drinking filters on our web site, check them out and get one before your next trip out.”

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