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#34 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey it possible to make a compass?”

“There are three ways to make a compass if your out in the wilderness with not much to work with. The first and easiest is if you have a magnet, you magnetize something light, like a needle, razor blade, a paperclip or a small piece of wire. Going the same direction, you pass the magnet over one end of your piece about 20 or 30 times, so that your piece is magnetized. Place this on something light that will float in water, like a leaf or petal from a flower. The magnetized end should point to the north, providing there is no wind! The other two ways to magnetize is to use your hair, fur or silk. Same thing, but this time about 50 strokes without sticking or cutting yourself. The last way is to stick the needle in a block of wood and tap it gently with a metal object, you guessed it, 50 times until it becomes magnetized. These are kind of last choice methods and only if you have a small piece of metal with you. Most people don't wear watches anymore, or you could use the hands from your watch, or the clasp on the strap. This is where you really have to think outside the box.”

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