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#33 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod...What is the most important item I should have in my vehicle for survival purposes? Aside from any manufacturers add-ons of course.”

“Well I'll tell you what I carry and you can go from there. In a plastic (Yeah, a petroleum by-product) milk container I carry a gal of anti-freeze, a liter of engine oil, a tow rope, a electrical tester, spare serpentine belt, small ball pine hammer, electrical tape, duct tape, twenty foot 3/8” chain with hooks on both ends and a fishing reel. In an other container that fits under the back seat I carry, snare wire, pencil & paper, 1/2” x 5” x 4 candles, matches, two lighters, magnifying glass, hammock made out of netting, plugs and tools to fix tubeless tires, surveyors tape, 12 ft. measuring tape, survival bracelet, dryer lint in a baggie, two emergency blankets (there like heavy tin foil), sling-shot, bag of marbles and a pencil sharpener. Aside from this I carry an axe, a fold-up saw that cuts on the back stroke, some knives, toilet paper, 750 watt inverter, cell phone charger, bear spray and misc. other things. The beauty is......there's still room for lots more!”

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