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#31 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod...What do I need to consider before making a shelter?”

“If it's an emergency shelter you're going to build, you want something that is going to take the least amount of energy to construct, in case your stuck there for a while. Under a big tree with a lot of limbs to help protect you from the rain, sleet or snow. I know, I know, you're thinking under a big tree, what if lightning were to hit it. I've seen lightning hit, and it isn't always the tallest or biggest tree. From here you can add poles and boughs to complete the shelter. If there is a tree already blown over and still off of the ground, you could build a shelter using that as a ridge pole. You want to keep away from the very bottom of a hill or in a hollow, where you could get flooded out in a rain storm. If it's more of a long term shelter, you want to be close to drinking water, like a creek or spring. Here again, not close enough that you could flooded out in a storm.”

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