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#30 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod....If I find myself suddenly lost in the woods...what is the very first thing I should do?”

“First thing you should do is stay right there and 'don't panic'. If you can't find your bearings and don't have a clue where you are, the more you wonder around the worse it can become. You've probably walked for two hours and came back to the very same spot you were two hours ago. Pretty soon it will get dark and if the temperature drops at night, you could end up in real trouble. Long before it gets dark, build a fire. I'm really hoping that you didn't go into the woods without some kind of fire maker. Once you have fire going, gather a lot of green material, (boughs from a evergreen tree or grass) that you'll be able to put on your fire if you need to signal someone. The green material will create a lot of smoke that can be seen for miles. Then, build yourself a shelter in case your stuck there for the night. Keep finding dry fire wood to last through the night. Here again, I'm really hoping you told someone where you were going, if you did, help should be on the way, if not, you could be there for a while.”

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