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#27 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod.....I'm going to be driving the back-roads and doing some off road 4 x 4ing, what should I have for some kind of emergency type items with me?”

“You should have at the bear (get it....bear, maybe some spray) minimum; a warm blanket - an extra coat/gloves/hat/socks - a lighter, fire starter or matches - fire starting material/candles - a spare serpentine belt or fan belt - a tow rope - a flashlight (One with S.O.S. if possible) & extra batteries - a set of jumper cables - a small first aid kit, a sharp knife and a cell phone charger.Extras would be a fire extinguisher, a gallon of anti-freeze, a liter of engine oil, a hatchet & a fold-up saw. In a empty metal coffee can (at least something you can boil water in) you could add: 10 meters of para cord, emergency blanket, snare wire, extra matches or lighter, extra fuel starter (as simple as some dryer lint in a sealed baggy) plastic mirror, paper & pencil, toilet paper, 30 meters 10# fishing line, some hooks and a few artificial baits. (Fishing gear can be stored in a large freezer bag. This bag can also be used to pack water with.)”

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