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#26 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod........if I'm out in the bush and my lighter runs out, what can I use to start a fire if I needed one in a hurry?”

“Well if you need a fire in a hurry, your running into problems already. If your out in the bush, you should never go there with only a near empty lighter. I always carry a flint and a striker along with a lighter. This is something that you can use even in the rain and wind. Actually....that's the best time to go and build a fire, next time it's raining, go out and practice making a fire. Remember, when it's raining, the outside of that wet piece of dead wood is still dry inside. There are other ways like rubbing sticks, using a bow drill and anything else that involves any kind of friction, do that you better be in good shape and have some really good fuel material. There are also windproof and laser type lighters on the market. You can use a form of magnifying glass or water in plastic bags but without the sun, your screwed. I believe the best are the flint, ferro and magnesium rods. They even make a one handed flint fire starter that will work in any condition with up to 4000 strikes, this would be pretty handy if you were ever injured and could only be able to use one arm. Char-cloth, Vaseline, candles & dryer lint are all good starter material you can bring from home.”

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