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#25 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod.....did you hear about the prepper and his neighbour?”

“Yeah, I heard. The prepper asked his neighbour, 'what are you going to do when the shit hits the fan?' Neighbor say's 'what makes you think that it will ever happen?' Prepper answered 'look around the world and what do you see and hear, wildfires burning out of control, a new virus unleashed to control the world (and no one knows how bad, because China has a media ban on, probably to protect their economy and kill ours) rain storms, flooding, record snowfalls, earthquakes, civil unrest and corrupt governments everywhere. Anyone of those things could turn into a national disaster bringing the country into a worse depression then the dirty thirties. Are you prepared for any kind of gas, food or water shortage?' Neighbor say's with a smirk, 'That's simple, I'll just go to your place.' Prepper replies, 'Buddy, you'd never get past the gate.' What are you, an unprepared neighbour, or someone that had the foresight to be prepared for the worst and hopes for the best.”

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