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#22 "Hey Rod.....

“Hey Rod.......where would be a good place to look for morel mushrooms this year?”

“Well there are the normal morels and wildfire morels. The normal morels grow at the edge of forest areas usually in the spring on the south facing slopes as the ground starts to warm up, (around 50 degrees Fahrenheit) later they will be more on the north slopes. The wildfire morels grow the year after a wildfire goes through a forest area. These seem to come in more abundance where you'll find large patches of mushrooms through-out the burn. I've found the biggest morels on the south slope along a creek bank after a huge fire went through. The strange thing was, there were hardly any mushrooms on the other side of the creek but an abundance on this side and it was just as burnt on both sides of the creek. Check where the fires were burning last year and you'll know where to go this year. B.C. had a record number of fires last year so that would be a good place to look, it's a multi-million dollar business there with a lot of buyers. I don't know of a better way to social distance than to go way out in the bush and pick mushrooms all by your-self.”

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